Spring Sale

Spring Sale

Just like every spring, this year we’ve curated a special collection of discounted products for you. Explore our catalog and give your space a fresh touch with new furniture.

Themelia: Three Decades of Design Passion and Elegance

Themelia: Three Decades of Design Passion and Elegance

Zagreb, May 16, 2024 – Themelia celebrated its 30th anniversary with a party that brought together 200 guests from the worlds of design, architecture, fashion, and art. This special evening marked three decades of passionate dedication to style, aesthetics, quality, design genius, and innovation in the realm of product design and interiors.

In Themelia’s showroom, guests enjoyed an event that seamlessly blended top-notch design, gastronomy, and music. The special guest of the evening was the renowned architect and designer Monica Armani, who shared her vision of interior design with the attendees.

Guests had the opportunity to discover the latest trends in outdoor space design and explore a selection of outdoor furniture designed by Monica Armani for brands such as B&B Italia, Tribù, and Varaschin. Each piece reflects unique design and carefully chosen materials, offering subtle details and practical solutions. However, the Allure O’ table and Flair O’ chair, designed by Monica Armani for B&B, particularly captivated the attendees. Inspired by the glamour of the icon Jackie O’, these pieces brilliantly combine elegance and functionality, highlighting the graceful power of design.

“Celebrating 30 years of Themelia means celebrating three decades of passion, dedication, and excellence. Thanks to our clients, partners, and incredible team, Themelia has become synonymous with elegance, quality, and luxury. Looking back, we feel proud of everything we have achieved, but also excited for everything that lies ahead. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey, and I look forward to the future we are building together.” – Nives Simeunović, founder of Themelia.

Women’s Day with 3 Remarkable Designers

Women’s Day with 3 Remarkable Designers

On this Women’s Day, let’s celebrate creativity, draw inspiration, and acknowledge the groundbreaking contributions of female designers in the realms of interior and furniture design.

Ray Eames

Ray Eames, an American artist and designer, alongside her husband Charles, made revolutionary strides in architecture, graphic design, furniture, and textiles. The Eames duo is hailed as one of the most influential forces of the twentieth century.

Ray possessed an innate understanding of shapes and colors, serving as the driving force behind the distinctive Eames aesthetic. She infused a playful element that distinguished between what was considered “good” or “very good” and what embodied the quintessential “Eames” quality.

Among their most renowned creations is the 670 Lounge Chair, a marvel of complexity with its construction comprising 20 main components, representing their early foray into the high-end market.

Patricia Urquiola

The Spanish adage “Every master has their tricks” resonated deeply in the world of contemporary design, especially when it comes to Patricia Urquiola. Known for her eclectic and experimental approach, Urquiola infuses her designs with spontaneity and a fondness for exploring diverse materials and forms.

The Husk armchair serves as a prime example of her skill, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics. Its subtle yet expressive design mirrors Urquiola’s passion for innovation and her bold design philosophy.

Husk Armchair

Almendra Suspension Lamp

Crinoline Outdoor Armchair

Monica Armani

Monica Armani, a leading figure in the design world, merges formal aesthetics with innovation, crafting projects distinguished by innovative technical solutions and ingenious use of space. For Armani, attention to detail and achieving balance across all elements are pivotal in creating spaces that exude contemporary sophistication while standing the test of time.

The Flair O’ chair, inspired by Jackie O’s iconic style, epitomizes Armani’s subtle elegance, marrying comfort with refined design elements that resonate with both modern and timeless sensibilities.

Their creative ingenuity and unwavering commitment to innovation serve as a beacon of inspiration, underscoring the indispensable role of women in shaping the landscape of interior and furniture design.

Happy International Women’s Day!



Uniting Interior Design and Fragrance Artistry at Themelia

Uniting Interior Design and Fragrance Artistry at Themelia

Last week, we hosted an exclusive event at our showroom that brought together experts in architecture and interior design, as well as enthusiasts of beautiful spaces. It was a fantastic opportunity for networking and socializing, as well as for introducing new products in our showroom. Guests had the chance to explore the latest additions to our range from renowned brands such as B&B, Poliform, Flos, Vitra.

The segment dedicated to the Maxalto brand took center stage. Maxalto’s aesthetic exudes elegance, luxury, and sophistication, making it a standout feature of the event. Established in 1975 alongside B&B, Maxalto quickly carved out its identity in the realm of designer furniture production. Upholding the highest standards of quality, Maxalto’s name, derived from the Venetian dialect term “massa alto,” meaning “the highest,” truly encapsulates its commitment to excellence.

Aligned with Maxalto’s aesthetic, we explored the world of fragrances with Jo Malone products. Guests had the opportunity to explore a wide range of scent combinations and discover the important role of fragrance in creating spaces that reflect the personality and style of each individual.

Through the fusion of design and fragrance, this unique evening inspired all attendees to discover how scent can become an integral part of every space, providing an additional sense of warmth and comfort.

Winter Sale

Winter Sale

Just like every winter, this year we’ve curated a selected collection of discounted products for you. Explore our catalog and give your space a fresh touch with some new furniture.

Christmas Magic at the Eames House

Christmas Magic at the Eames House

On Christmas Eve of 1949, Charles and Ray Eames stepped into their new Los Angeles residence – the iconic Eames House. The empty house of the steel-and-glass structure, which they designed themselves, was immediately adorned, creating a magical Christmas atmosphere.

They decorated the house with oriental paper ornaments, vibrant toys, and musical instruments. The Christmas tree was placed on a low table, giving the effect of a hanging decoration. The tree was surrounded by a carefully curated arrangement of candlesticks, toys, ornaments, and wrapped gifts, placed on Japanese mat. In short, the Eames house became a canvas for their creativity.

Charles and Ray Eames celebrated Christmas every year, eagerly anticipating the opportunity for experimenting and enriching the space with new unique ideas. Continuing the tradition of creative home decoration they began in 1949, each year they carefully selected and arranged intriguing decorations, artworks, candles, and wrapped gifts.

May their first Christmas in the Eames House inspire you to create a magical holiday atmosphere in your own home.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year,

Buur, S. L. (2019, December 12). Christmas in the Eames House: A Vitra Anecdote. Vitra. Retrieved, December 21, 2023, from Vitra.


the new generation of office chairs

ACX is the tenth office swivel chair that Vitra has developed in collaboration with Italian designer Antonio Citterio.

With its automatic synchronised mechanism, the compact ACX offers maximum comfort for every user without any need for adjustments other than seat height – while exhibiting a distinctly non-technical appearance.

The construction, materials, production, logistics and maintenance of ACX are designed to achieve a long life cycle with the smallest possible carbon footprint.

“The ACX is my tenth office swivel chair with Vitra and embodies the extensive know-how acquired throughout 30 years of close collaboration”

Antonio Citterio

The backrests of the ACX Mesh and Soft models have a three-dimensional form-fitted knit cover, which is pulled over the frame. The knitted cover is made of 100% recycled polyester. The knitted seat cover complements the two available backrest covers. The muted colours in natural tones, some exhibiting a slight melange effect, are perfectly compatible with both the dark and light-coloured frame.

The armrests are available in 3 versions: fixed height, height-adjustable and 3D.

“The design process for ACX was guided by the decision to use recycled materials. When you use a recycled material, the design needs to adapt to its inherent characteristics, while the overall production process has to take the physical and mechanical qualities of the material into account. The structural elements in ACX are made of up to approximately 60 % recycled materials, depending on the model.”

– Antonio Citterio –