Women’s Day with 3 Remarkable Designers

On this Women’s Day, let’s celebrate creativity, draw inspiration, and acknowledge the groundbreaking contributions of female designers in the realms of interior and furniture design.

Ray Eames

Ray Eames, an American artist and designer, alongside her husband Charles, made revolutionary strides in architecture, graphic design, furniture, and textiles. The Eames duo is hailed as one of the most influential forces of the twentieth century.

Ray possessed an innate understanding of shapes and colors, serving as the driving force behind the distinctive Eames aesthetic. She infused a playful element that distinguished between what was considered “good” or “very good” and what embodied the quintessential “Eames” quality.

Among their most renowned creations is the 670 Lounge Chair, a marvel of complexity with its construction comprising 20 main components, representing their early foray into the high-end market.

Patricia Urquiola

The Spanish adage “Every master has their tricks” resonated deeply in the world of contemporary design, especially when it comes to Patricia Urquiola. Known for her eclectic and experimental approach, Urquiola infuses her designs with spontaneity and a fondness for exploring diverse materials and forms.

The Husk armchair serves as a prime example of her skill, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics. Its subtle yet expressive design mirrors Urquiola’s passion for innovation and her bold design philosophy.

Husk Armchair

Almendra Suspension Lamp

Crinoline Outdoor Armchair

Monica Armani

Monica Armani, a leading figure in the design world, merges formal aesthetics with innovation, crafting projects distinguished by innovative technical solutions and ingenious use of space. For Armani, attention to detail and achieving balance across all elements are pivotal in creating spaces that exude contemporary sophistication while standing the test of time.

The Flair O’ chair, inspired by Jackie O’s iconic style, epitomizes Armani’s subtle elegance, marrying comfort with refined design elements that resonate with both modern and timeless sensibilities.

Their creative ingenuity and unwavering commitment to innovation serve as a beacon of inspiration, underscoring the indispensable role of women in shaping the landscape of interior and furniture design.

Happy International Women’s Day!



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